We have done approximately 40,000 to 45000 sq/ft of water proofing and, EPOXY Flooring Coating (Pharma Grade) & FRP Coating for Pharmaceuticals Industries.
We are having Skilled Oriented Separate Teams for all above mentioned Services.
Our Separate Teams also having knowledge of Industrial (Pharmaceuticals, Bulk Drugs & etc.) Rules & Regulations (Safety Aspects).

Zycosil (Nanotechnology) Water Proofing

Water has an important role to play in most civil construction like concrete, brick or stone structures.Dewdropsinc provides a whole range of waterproofing products for leakage, seepage and cold joints.Dewdropsinc Prevent water ingress with our Nano-technology based solutions for waterproofing of your walls, roof, terrace, balcony and bathrooms.

ZYCOSIL+ is a reactive organosilane technology, with a molecular size of 4-6 nm. ZYCOSIL + upon contact reacts with the siliceous substrate reacts chemically with the substrate and permanently changes its properties from a water loving (hydrophilic) to water resisting (hydrophobic) substrate.

FRP coatings for ducting areas in all Pharmaceutical & other industries .

We are Provide the best quality array of FRP Coating Service to our prestigious clients. This service is available with us in the wide range of options at most reasonable rates. Additionally, our excellent and advanced technology helps us to provide only accurate work.


  • Excellent resistance against corrosion
  • Durability
  • Sturdy construction

Epoxy, PU Flooring & Coatings (Pharma & etc Grade)

Epoxy flooring is basically deposition of an industrial epoxy coating on the floor at least 2 millimeters thick. The result obtained is so strong and durable that it finds industrial application, especially in pharmaceuticals.

Our Products are low in VOC and ADHERE to the eco friendly green building standards. We believe in delivering quality Products.